Casual Chicness

Casual Chicness

Well this is my first blog posting – so best make the most of it.

I came across a story about Danish cycle blogger, Mikael Colville-Andersen. He is the owner of the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog. In his blog he includes many images of Copenhagen girls riding around in short skirts and heels. It’s interesting to see his take on cycling in that it should not be seen as just a sport or hobby. It should be seen as a way of life. I have to agree with this. You don’t need all the ‘proper’ cycling gear to be considered a cyclist.

Although one thing I am a strong advocate of is the use of a helmet. Whether you choose to ride around in short skirts and heels or in tight lycra, a helmet is always needed. The last time I came off my bike (I was on my way to work, so dressed in suit and all), I landed up with concussion that ruled me off the bike and out of work for 5 days.

On the point of fashion and cycling, US pro team – Rock Racing – have got a wicked kit too. The striking green and black with the skull and fire coming out of the top. Very nice! Pity cycling’s #1 fashion boy Mario Cipollini is no longer with the team as they seemed to suit each other.


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