Rasmussen Two-Year Ban

Posted: July 2, 2008 in cycling, Road, tour de france
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This just in:


Michael Rasmussen, who was thrown out of last year’s Tour de France when he was leading the race, has been banned for two years by the Monaco cycling federation.

The ban was confirmed by Pat McQuaid, president of the sport’s world governing body, UCI.

Dane Rasmussen, 34, who lives in Italy, was sacked by his Rabobank team four days from the finish, when he was wearing the leader’s yellow jersey, after it emerged he had lied about his whereabouts in training.

The ban will run from the date of his exclusion of last year’s Tour, so will run until July 25 2009.

This has taken way too long to come through!! What was the hold up? When signing up to the UCI, it is made very clear of the consequences for missing any doping test. And citing personal problems for not attending  any of the tests – lame damn excuse if you ask me. Has he not heard of a cellphone? In today’s day and age it would be so easy to pick one up and call in informing the UCI you can’t make the test.

Seriously, I have no sympathy for him. This is damaging to our sport and we need to rid ourselves of these people!

  1. Kurt Westh Nielsen says:

    Michael Rasmussen deserves the ban for sure. Having just experienced an interview with another Mr. Bad Example, Bjarne Riis – A Dane notoriously known for his drug abuse while winning the Tour de France – I really wish that we are facing the beginning of a long needed clean up for the sport.

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