Lemond’s PR machine in full swing

Posted: July 14, 2008 in cycling, Road, tour de france
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Armstrong & Lemond in 1994

Armstrong & Lemond in 1994

I have to say, I’ve been watching the cycling press of late and it seems that Greg Lemond has definitely switched his PR machine ON. A good few months ago you practically heard not a word from the guy. Then news came out about a month ago, that following some comments he made about Lance Armstrong, Trek Bicycle Corporation was terminating the contract they had with him to produce his own-named range of bicycles.

Lemond, who has always been very outspoken on the subject of doping, seems to have got his PR team into gear and is now going full throttle with them. Their timing couldn’t be better, especially with the TdF now entering its second week.

First there was noise about Lemond saying that cycling no longer needs the UCI.  At the start of the second stage of the Tour, he told journalists, “Cycling no longer needs the UCI.” He also added, “The UCI is just there to stamp licences and make the regulations. The solution for cycling is very simple: organisers and riders should create their own federation and take over the sport.” The American’s comments sounded like strong support for Tour de France organisers Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), who are embroiled in a long feud with the UCI over the organisation of the sport.

Notice though that he made these comments at this year’s Tour. This is the first time since 1990 that Lemond is making an extended visit to the event. According to news sources, he attributes his long absence to several factors — post-cycling health problems, for one, and more recently, the prevalence of doping that has turned many fans sour on the sport.

It seems to me that Lemond is trying make his way back into the world of cycling, although not on the bicycle, but as an outspoken past Tour winner against doping in this beautiful sport.

Who know’s what his end objectives are, only time will tell what they are. But you have to hand it to his PR team. They are doing a great job at getting their man back into the lime light.

  1. Peers says:

    it was lemond that came out first and criticized armstrong relationship with that italian doctor …. saying he was the biggest cheat of all …. this is a bullshit article …

  2. Craig says:

    The Italian doctor you refer to is Michele Ferrari. And it was because of his comments about the link between Lance and Ferrari that Trek have terminated their contract with him. This is fact. But you can’t deny that Lemond has had to get his PR machine up and running again. Going out and openly attacking the most famous cyclist in the world can be damaging to one’s ‘image’. Lemond now has to rebuild this image and as you can see, he is slowly doing so.

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