Team Barloworld

Today is a sad day for the sport of cycling. Newcomer to the world of professional cycling, Barloworld, today decided to call it a day and pull out of cycling completely. The team will finish the Tour first before withdrawing their sponsorship.

The decision comes following the disappointing and extremely stupid actions of Moises Duenas, who tested positive for EPO, following stage 4 of the race.

According to a team statement, the Barloworld Board, after consideration and in accordance with their policy towards doping, decided that the incident has had a negative impact on its brand and principals, which “they have a duty to protect.”

Although Barloworld are withdrawing from the sponsorship they will honour contractual obligations and discussions are underway with replacement sponsors.

I can understand that the pressure on professional cyclists to win and produce the results for their sponsors. But is it worth losing a continued income from a sponsor that wants to invest in the sport. I just hope these dopers start taking note of what is happening around them and either decide to walk away from the sport altogether or hand in their needles.

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