Giant goes Green with new hybrid

Posted: July 22, 2008 in cycling, Road, tour de france
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Giants Twist Freedom DX – MEN’S

Giant's Twist Freedom DX – MEN’S

Self proclaimed world’s largest ‘quality’ bicycle manufacturer, Giant, has announced its new Hybrid Cycling Technology bringing together bicycling and viable alternative transportation. In a nutshell, this means that human and electric power can be found on their new 2009 range of Twist Freedom bicycles.

According to a company press release: “Fusing human energy with the power of an electric motor is the essence of Giant’s Hybrid bicycles. What makes their function so unique is that Giant’s Hybrid bicycles engage the rider through a host of hidden technological features that work in unison with the body’s power output. The more human pedal power put in, the more supplemental electric power in response from the bicycle, all while being as simple to use as turning on a switch and pedaling.”

Unfortunately, these new bikes won’t be cheap. Not that cycling is, but this is really expensive. For 2009, Hybrid Cycling Technology bicycle models include the Twist Freedom DX and Twist Freedom DX W for women, each available for $2,000 at authorised Giant Bicycle retail locations. Since the UK is inherently more expensive than the US, expect local prices to be quite high.

For more info on this, click here and here.

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