Rebecca Romera poses nude

Posted: August 5, 2008 in cycling, Track
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Robecca Romera posing for Nadav Kander for advertising agency Mother

Rebecca Romera going for broke

Olympic track pursuiter Rebecca Romero has posed nude for an advert for sports drink Powerade.

The striking photo of the Team GB rider has appeared in a number of daily papers already, and the coverage – or perhaps lack of it – will increase as the advert is run during the Olympic Games in Beijing, china (August 8-24).
Already an Olympic silver medalist in rowing, Romero has been selected to ride the women’s individual pursuit and points race in Beijing after making the switch to cycling in 2006 with great success – she is currently individual pursuit world champion and was part of Britain’s gold medal winning worlds team pursuit squad.

Romero’s stint is similar to that of Victoria Pendleton who posed nude earlier this year for the glossy Observer Sports Monthly.

Pendleton posing for the cover of the Observer Sports Monthly magazine

Pendleton posing for the cover of the Observer Sports Monthly magazine

As wonderful as this might be in helping to increase the profile of cycling, I’m not sure if it’s necessary for our sports woman, who in their own right are brilliant at what they do, need to strip off to do it.

Ah, who am I to complain? The girls look great and I know they’ll be bringing home the gold’s from Beijing.

  1. Peers says:

    The Queen song … Bicycle … I want to ride my bicycle … that one .. they needed to replace the seats after the ten hotness’ road around the velodrome … i wonder what happened here.

  2. […] now Rebecca Romero has struck a similar pose as part of a sports drink ad campaign. Certain bloggers and cycling sites have highlighted this. Another naked female cyclist… first Vicky and now […]

  3. Dave says:

    Wow…worth a gold in my book, without competing in the olympics.
    What an athlete…what a body.

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