Cycle head dress

Posted: August 16, 2008 in cycling, Fashion, Road
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h1-designs Cycle Head dress

h1-designs Cycle Head dress

In my earlier post on Stuart Jeffries’, from The Guardian, article about the pros and cons of wearing a helmet. Now one of the discussion points made in his article is that cycling helmets are unfashionable for those who are cycle-chic conscious.

Well look no further. London has it’s very own fashion helmet designer in Hoai-oanh Vu of h1-designs. This British-born Vietnamese designer has created a set of hats that fit over a helmet while still keeping the cyclist glamourous on the bicycle.

According to Vu, the reflective material on the hat also enhances the cyclist’s presence during the night and it can be easily replaced with a different style to suit the wearers outfit.

So for all you fashion conscious cyclists out there who are looking for something different to wear on your head, this could be a great alternative. Plus, if you are looking for some more great clothing to wear while out on the bike, visit London Cycle Chic for some great suggestions.


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