French say British cyclists were taking drugs

Posted: August 20, 2008 in cycling, Track
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Can you believe it? Already all the negative reasons as to why Team GB have done so well at the Olympics have started to flow in.

If you don’t win – you didn’t try hard enough. If you do win, then you must have been using drugs. What is it with people nowadays? Why can’t they just accept that someone could actually be better than what they are?

It seems the French have been making insinuations that  that Great Britain’s cyclists superlative medal haul may be due to “performance-enhancing drugs”.

Wow – what a sore bunch of losers. Seriously! Why don’t they just sort themselves out, look back at what they’ve done wrong (training, selections, etc) and make sure they fix it for the next Olympics. Why go and attack the team that made a huge impression upon the world?  What will their comments really achieve? Nothing. It won’t help them get a medal now will it.

Anyway – I just find it interesting what people resort to when someone else wins.  What do you think?


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