Why Sevilla, Botero and Hamilton must not start in the Tour of Britain

Posted: September 5, 2008 in cycling, Road
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Just seen an interesting posting or comment I should say on Cycling Weekly. It seems the publication is not happy with the three riders being allowed to partake in next week’s Tour of Britain. This all comes about as the three riders have been linked to Operacion Puerto:


“These three have evaded justice because their individual federations – the USA Cycling Federation, the Colombian Cycling Federation and the Spanish Cycling Federation – have decided not to open proceedings. What is unfair is that Operacion Puerto has become a postcode lottery – a rider’s fate is seemingly decided by their nationality. Jan Ullrich, Ivan Basso and the others whose careers have been (quite rightly) ended or put on hold can nevertheless feel aggrieved that others implicated to the same extent have got away with it and continue to race.”

“Cycling Weekly is not attempting to be judge and jury either, it is simply expressing an opinion that Rock Racing should not bring Hamilton, Sevilla and Botero to the Tour of Britain.”

” They should have been investigated, but instead they have been free to race on. Surely that is not right.” 


Now I am in two minds about this. Having the big names in the sport of cycling partake in our own national tour is a good thing. But as CW points out, this could bring a huge a mount of negative issues should either of these take the leaders jersey during the race or even win a stage.


Right now Britain is riding a huge wave thanks to its cycling achievements. But can these three dirsupt this wave?


I’m not so sure. But if we are to rid ourselves of the drugs in this sport, it’s time to be firm and keep those out that have been implicated in taking drugs or caught doping. Do you agree with this or do you feel this is unfair to those riders? I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on this.




  1. Neil says:

    So what about Millar then, if you want to ban drug cheats do all or none Cycling Weekly should be consistent not express personal bias

  2. Craig says:

    @Neil – I agree. But the excuse is that he has served his time and put his hands up to it. Plus, he’s now investing his own money in it, so he in a way is giving back to the sport. You can’t knock that.

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