2008 National Senior Track Championships – Day 3 Results

Posted: September 19, 2008 in cycling, Track
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Day 3 of the track champs saw the Woman’s Scratch Race take place, as well as the Men’s Sprints and Pursuits. The results of these events were:

Riders coming down in the Womans Scratch Race

Riders coming down in the Woman's Scratch Race

Woman’s Scratch Race

1. Hannah Rich, Pinarello RT Gold Medal
2. Alexandra Greenfield, Pinarello RT Silver Medal
3. Lucy Martin, Dolan RT Bronze Medal
4. Ruby Miller, BC PM
5. Janet Birkmyre, XRT – elmycycles
6. Katie Colclough, Team Halfords Bikehut
7. Ella Sadler-Andrews, Leisure Lakes RT
8. Emma Trott, Team Halfords Bikehut

Race time: 20mins 24 secs

Men’s Open Sprint

1. Matthew Crampton, Science In Sport.com
2. Craig MacLean, Plowman Craven RT
3. David Daniell, Cleveland Wheelers CC

Men’s Open Pursuit

1. Steven Burke, 100% ME, 4.25.014
2. Rob Hayles, Team Halfords Bikehut, 4.27.225
3. Michael Hutchinson, In Gear Quickvit RT, 4.34.719

For more of Day 3 results, click here.


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