Day 4 of the national senior track champs saw the Woman’s and Men’s team sprints, as well as the Woman’s and Men’s Points races take place. The condensed results of these races were:

Womans Team Sprint

Woman's Team Sprint

Woman’s Team Sprint Final

1. North West Region 35.181

Anna Blyth
Victoria Pendleton

2. Halesowen A&CC 36.063

Helen Scott
Jess Varnish

Mens Team Sprint

Men's Team Sprint

Men’s Team Sprint Final
1. North West Region, 45.281

Matt Crampton
Dave Daniell
Chris Lyte

2. City of Edinburgh RC, 47.591

Bruce Croall
Matt Haynes
Kevin Stewart

3. Yatsumitsu Schlapp

Gwyn Carless
Anthony Gill
Dan Woolfenden

Womans Point Final

Woman's Point Final

Woman’s Points Final
1. Alexandra Greenfield, Pinarello RT, 63pts
2. Katie Colclough, Team Halfords Bikehut, 39pts
3. Ella Sadler-Andrews, Leisure Lakes RT, 31pts
4. Ruby Miller, BC PM, 30pts
5. Hannah Rich, Pinarello RT, 14pts
6. Janet Birkmyre, XRT – elmycycles, 6pts

Race time: 43 mins 20 secs

Mens Point Race

Men's Point Race

Men’s Points Final
1. Chris Newton, Rapha Condor Recycling, 110pts
2. Mark McNally, 100% ME, 71pts
3. Jon Mould,, 67pts
4. Andrew Magnier, Brooks Cycles,  -1pt
5. Adam Duggleby, Shorter Rochford RT, -26pts
6. Alistair Rutherford, Science In, -33pts

Race time: 51 mins 31 secs


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