The coolest looking cycling frame in the world! IMHO

Posted: October 1, 2008 in cycling, Road
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Ascend from Delta 7 Sports

Ascend from Delta 7 Sports

This has got be the coolest frame I have seen yet. And yes peeps – you can see through the woven sections of the frame.

According to, this is the world’s first road bike frame constructed from carbon fibre and Kevlar crafted into the patented IsoTruss open lattice tube design, which has just been launched by Delta 7 Sports.

Ascend Road Frame

Ascend Road Frame

Now for the technically minded of you out there – IsoTruss is a culmination of single carbon fibre strands mechanically weaved around metal rods to create the open lattice structure, which is then wrapped in Kevlar and baked at 225°F for four hours. To finish, the ends are machined and joined with moulded carbon fibre lugs.

According to Delta 7 Sports, the Ascend comes with a lifetime warranty on its visually stunning frame. One small problem though, they are only making a limited number of frames. So, if you want to be one of the few to own one of these machines, get yourself over to Delta 7 Sports and hand over your $1,000 deposit to secure your frame.

So what do you think of the frame? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

  1. Fixup says:

    I saw that Isotruss thing quite a long time ago, but thought nothing of it except “that looks horrible”.

    I wonder if we’ll be seeing it in professional road racing soon.

  2. Peers says:

    mother fucker … i am ordering one

  3. Ben says:

    Two things: Firstly, the horrible cheese grater effect I’m sure will occur if you crash – I don’t want to think what happens if there’s a crotch / toptube incident. Secondly, what about windage? Aerodynmically, that thing has got to *suck* – I know from racing keelboats and dinghies that even a small bit of line left dangling can cause a load of drag.

  4. Craig says:

    @Fixup – Good question. Although it seems to be an expensive technology, so not sure if any team will be riding these any time soon.

  5. Craig says:

    @Ben – Yeah! Have to agree with you on the cheese grater effect. As for aerodynamics, according to Delta 7 Sports, there’s less drag on this frame than a conventional round tube frame.

    My thought is that if this technology is that good, when will we start seeing more of it?

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