Cycle 2008: The bikes that make us watch in awe!

Posted: October 11, 2008 in cycling, Road, tour de france, Track
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Here are some of the bicycles ridden by our heroes, whether it be at the Olympics or Tour de France. They can all be seen at Cycle 2008 in London which is currently taking place this weekend.

Carlos Sastre's Cervelo R3SL

Carlos Sastre's Cervelo R3SL

Mark Cavendish's Giant TCR Advanced

Mark Cavendish's Giant TCR Advanced

Theo Bos

Theo Bos' Koga Miyata Kimera

Shanaze Reade

Shanaze Reade's Redline Flight Pro

Magnus Backstedt's

Magnus Backstedt's Felt F1 Sprint

Christian Ven Velde

Christian Ven Velde's Felt DA

…and last but definitely not least, Paul Manning’s team issue bike that he rode in the team pursuit to claim gold at the Beijing Olympics.

Paul Manning

Paul Manning's Gold winning team issue Olympic bike

For more pictures of Cycle 2008, check out the following links:

Cycle 2008

– The coolest bikes in the world

– The new Shimano electronic Dura-Ace Di2


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