The Fatboy

Posted: November 14, 2008 in cycling, Road
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Live to ride!!

Live to ride!!

Not me, the bike! I was clearing my desk this morning and came across the photocard given to me by Specialized following my ‘sitting’ at Cycle 2008. Specialized were giving away this wicked looking bike – the Fatboy – at the event, but in order to win it, you had to get your picture taken sitting on it.

Needless to say, I didn’t win. But at least you get to see a pic of me now 🙂

  1. PaulieA says:

    that is a cool bike 🙂

  2. duewayne says:

    dude, you’re stomach is as big as mine. pheew. i’m not alone.

  3. I just puchessed a Fat Boy bicycle ,a guy had it on the bike carrier on his truck
    In the front of me ,I was mad that I had to pick up some shampoo for my wife on my way home
    Good thing I did ,because the guy with the bike was taking it to the bike shop next to hair place
    To but it on consignment ,long story short I got the shampoo and the Fat Boy bike and love it
    Thanks for picking up the shampoo …..

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