Me with camera mounted on bike at Reading's Palmer Park Track Stadium

Me with camera mounted on bike at Reading's Palmer Park Stadium

Late Friday evening I received an email from my local club, the Reading Cycling Club, informing members about the BBC’s request to film members of the cycling club for it’s weekly entertainment programme, The One Show (hosted by Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley). What exactly it was all for was not mentioned, but I thought ‘why not!’, so I emailed the producer to let him know I’ll come through on Monday evening. So I packed the car with my Fort fixed-wheel, all my winter gear, my new Giro Ionos, and made my way off to the track.

At the track I was met by the young riders from Palmer Park Velo who were there in force ready to get themselves onto TV. It was great to see them all there, especially as the evening was freezing cold.

Once the producer arrived, I asked him the reason behind the filming. He told me that the BBC were announcing the top 10 contenders for the BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year Award 2008. With this, four cyclists have been nominated and they wanted to profile a cyclist each night this week on the show.

So off we went around the track doing various line formations, with the camera guy filming us from different angles from within a car that was also on the track with us. I was also lucky enough to have a camera mounted to my bike – this would be to give the viewer the same view of what I see when cycling in a group.

So if you are able to, be on the look out for the cyclists (and me, of course) every night this week at 7pm on BBC One. I’m the one on the red Fort bicycle wearing all black with the white & red helmet, and white shoes (see picture above to get a better idea of what I looked like).

  1. DMcQ says:

    Hey, that sounds cool! Will you post your footage on youtube? Would love to take a look at it and see if it might fit in a future sufferfest video podcast. You can check them out at You’ve got a great site, by the way. Great photos. Cheers, David

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