Rebecca Romero to go for Gold in third sport

Posted: December 4, 2008 in cycling, Track
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Rebecca Romero

Rebecca Romero

Looks like Rebecca Romero is thinking about going for another gold at the London Olympics, but this time in a different sport to those in which she won her previous gold medals.  She became the first British woman to win Olympic medals in two different sports when she added cycling gold in Beijing to her rowing silver from 2004.

In a BBC article, she was quoted as saying: “To compete in the Olympic Games within the main stadium would just be the ultimate.”

One half of me says that this would be one hell of an achievement, if she pulls it off. But the other half of me thinks she should stick to the cycling. She’s played a pivitol part in bringing the sport to the masses in the UK (and to many parts of the world). Plus, the sport if growing so fast in popularity she should ride the wave for as long as she can. I suppose only time will tell!?


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