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Posted: December 19, 2008 in cycling, Fashion, Road
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Wheeltags 53x11 Coffee

Wheeltags 53x11 Coffee

It’s been a few days since I’ve actively been on twitter. Especially as yesterday was my last day in the office for this year – thank goodness! So, I decided to check out my Twitter contacts, 1) to see what the world of Twitter is up to, and 2) to see who’s who.  While there I came across a few cool names but one that really caught my eyes was Wheeltags. I clicked on their profile and decided to check out their website.

Now Wheeltags are ‘stylized wheel signatures’ that allow you to express your own personality with bold colours and some wickedly cool designs. According to the site “Wheeltags allow you to challenge the nameless rim masses and breakaway from the pack. Tag your ride with the ultimate statement of individuality and roll with style.”

Now this is quite a novel concept and one I could see myself getting hooked into. Basically, as you can see from the picture above (and below), you get these large stickers (or tags as they are referred to) in a large can (or two or four – depending on your needs) and you then stick them onto your rims. Thus allowing you to differentiate yourself amongst your friends and peers.

My favourite design - Skullz

My favourite design - Skullz

For all you time trial freeks, no need to worry! Wheeltags have developed some tags for disc wheels too so you won’t feel left out.

Wheeltags size chart, including tags for disc wheels

Wheeltags size chart, including tags for disc wheels

Come to think of it, here’s one for you Lance: Since you are keen to promote your Livestrong brand to the world, why not get yourself a custom set of tags for your training bike? It makes so much sense!

Or if anyone from the Rock Racing management team is reading this, I suggest you get in touch with the guys at  Wheeltags and get some custom tags made for your team. You’ve got the collest looking clothing range on the pro circuit, now you just need the wheels to match.

For more pics on these cool wheel tags and the bikes they’ve been used on, click here.

Not a bad idea for a xmas pressie either?


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