Free Waitrose bike trailers for shoppers

Posted: January 8, 2009 in cycling, Road
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Waitrose shopping trailer

It was not too long ago when Waitrose announced they would be trialling a bicycle delivery service for customers who order their groceries online in the city of Cambridge.

Now it seems they have taken the concept of going green a step further (or at least they are trying to save on the number of staff out on the roads during the day) and are now offering their shoppers bicycle trailers to help transport their shopping home by bike. 21 stores across the UK will be offering this service to their cycling customers.

Equipped with large canvas shopping bags (hopefully rain-proof ?), the trailers will be loaned out for a day free of charge to any Waitrose customers who wish to use them. The supermarket hopes the scheme will encourage its customers to cycle to its stores rather than travelling by car.

  1. Karl says:

    He needs some air in those tyres. One day – that means you need to cycle back?

    • Craig says:

      It seems you will need to take it back. Doesn’t quite make sense does it. Would be good if you could have one on long term loan from the company. Think it would be more effective that way.

  2. Karl says:

    Yeah even if you paid a tenner to keep it on loan. BTW our nearest Waitrose burnt down before Christmas.

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