Lance’s hidden messages

Posted: January 12, 2009 in cycling, For a good cause, Road
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Last week Bikeradar unveiled a pic of Lance’s new Trek Madone 6.9 that he will be using in the Tour Down Under. In the article it mentions that the new bike will be ‘littered’ with hidden messages. Unfortunately, the article also tells us that we would have to wait until the start of the race to find out what the messages are and what they all mean.

However, today on Lance’s Twitter account, he showed some personal pics of his new bike and its new paint job. At the same time, he also provided an insight into what the hidden messages stand for.

TDU2009 on TwitPic

TDU2009 on TwitPic

1274 - understand? on TwitPic

27.5?? on TwitPic

Lance explains in his postings that 1274 represents the number of days he has been without a pro race. 27.5 stands for roughly the number (in million) of people globally that have passed away from cancer in that time.

He wants this to stop. And so do I. So let’s support the guy this year. Not because he’s Lance, 7x TdF winner, but because he taking a stance against a killer disease and doing his utmost to educate and help people make themselves better and stronger to fight against the cancer!


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