Is the writing on the wall for Rock Racing?

Posted: January 13, 2009 in cycling, Road
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Rock Racing

Rock Racing

Well, I certainly hope not! Not too long ago there were rumours that the American cycling team was in a spot of bother, following the impact of the financial crisis on the world. The team down-played these rumours and things then went quiet.

Until now that is. Today an article appeared in VeloNews where Baden Cooke, a Tour de France stage winner who raced for Barloworld last year, spills the beans on Rock Racing not fulfilling their promises. Although it’s Baden’s word against that of team boss Michael Ball, it’s not a good sign for Rock Racing.

Michael Ball had the following to say in a statement:

“Rumors of Rock Racing’s untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated. The team is proceeding with a full racing schedule of domestic racing in 2009 and is actively pursuing any and all opportunities related to racing outside the United States. I am committed to my team and my riders are committed to making Rock Racing one of the most exciting teams in the pro peloton. Our key riders will all be returning and will be ready to compete against the world’s best. We thank our fans for their continued support of Rock Racing.”

I certainly hope that the team doesn’t suffer from the crisis and disappear from the professional cycling world. We’ve had too many companies leave the sport in the past year. Rock Racing has brought some glamour back to the world of cycling, namely its striking outfits and its very own groupies, the sexy Rock Racing Girls. Only time will reveal the real impact of it all.

The Rock Racing Girls

  1. Cesar Muñoz says:

    Hola, soy ciclista de argentina, quiero viajar a eeuu, y que me den la posibilidad de probarme en su equipo. espero su respuesta. Muchas Gracias

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