Hi peeps! Well, it’s been just on a month since my last post and although it’s not excusable, I do have a good reason for it. So here goes:

A few weeks back, on a late Tuesday afternoon, I was trawling through some cycling news sites looking for interesting bits of information. While on the BikeBiz.com site, the Job section/tab caught my attention and I thought, ‘what the hell’ and decided to see what’s being advertised.

One item that caught my eye was a job posting for a ‘Marketing and PR manager’ role at The Tour of Britain. So without hesitation, I got my CV in order, wrote a cover note and emailed it off to the organisation. So not expecting to hear back from anyone, I was extremely surprised when I got an email back within an hour of me sending mine, asking me to come in for an interview.

So to cut a long story short, after two interviews and an excited yet stressful time between each waiting for the answer I was looking for, I finally received the call with the offer to join the organisation.

Man, was I over the moon! How often does one get the opportunity to be paid to talk about the sport they love.

So, after handing in my resignation at IBM, waiting a few weeks for HR to sort themselves out, I officially joined The Tour of Britain organisation this past Thursday.

So what exactly will I be doing? Well, in short, I’m tasked with helping to promote, 1) The Tour of Britain; 2) The Tour Series; and 3) Unite ByCycling, a partnership between The Tour of Britain and the Prostate Cancer Charity.

So keep your eyes and ears open for more on these in the weeks and months to come.

  1. thomas says:

    A dream job indeed.

  2. Basheera Khan says:

    Oh my word! Congrats- just goes to show, that broken collarbone wasn’t in vain! 😉 well done Mr Craig. 🙂

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