The Tour Series

Posted: April 26, 2009 in cycling, Road
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As soon as I joined the team at SweetSpot, organisers of The Tour of Britain, I was introduced to a new series of racing that was soon to hit the UK – The Tour Series.

The Tour Series is a ten-round city centre cycling race series, which aims to bring unique gladiatorial and exciting professional team racing to UK city centres. Starting on the 21st May 2009, the 10 pro teams, each comprised of five cyclists will engage in combat against each other to become the overall champions of The Tour Series.

Now what makes this entire concept unique to the world of cycling is that on each night of racing, the teams will have to place their riders in the highest positions at the end of race in order to take overall honours. The race is not about the individual but rather about the team. So no point for riders to go on a solo breakaway or going for line honours, unless they know for a fact that their team mates will be the next best placed riders to cross the line.

So if you’re keen to check out the racing, it’s going to be televised on ITV4 the evening after each race. And thanks to ITV, viewers will be able to watch a whole hour’s worth of racing.

The dates for the race nights are:

21 May   – Milton Keynes

28 May   – Exeter

2 June    – Woking

4 June    – Peterborough

9 June    – Blackpool

11 June   – Southport

16 June   – Stoke-on-Trent

18 June   – Colchester

23 June   – Chester

25 June   – Southend-on-Sea

So if you’re out and about in these city’s on the day or night of racing, why not come along and check it all out. You won’t be sorry that you did.

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