The Tour Series kicks off with a shove in Milton Keynes!

Posted: May 22, 2009 in cycling, For a good cause, Road
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Rob Hayles taking line honours from Graham Briggs

Rob Hayles taking line honours from Graham Briggs - photo by Michelle Rudd

The brand-new city centre race series – The Tour Series – arrived in a rush of colour and high-tempo racing in Milton Keynes last night. Run-off at an average speed of 28 miles per hour, the race was won by Candi TV – Marshalls Pasta rider Graham Briggs in a controversial last few metres that saw the Doncaster rider tussle with Olympian Rob Hayles. The finishing positions of Hayles’ first and Briggs’ second were reversed by race judges after it was decided that the Halfords-Bikehut rider impeded Briggs in the last few metres.

Now being involved with The Tour Series it has been one awesome experience something that I am looking forward to over the coming weeks. The cool thing about it too is that I now get a chance to mingle with all the teams and riders. So bookmark this page and make sure to check in for rider pics and videos.

For now I can give you a podcast with Ned Boulting, the ITV presenter that we see travelling with the riders from the Tour de France, where he gives us a post race comment from the event in Milton Keynes, including the contraversial sprint finish, team tactics and the podium girls! He’ll be posting these on a regular basis, so will get them up here for you to listen to:  Ned’s podcast!

Also, don’t forget to catch the action on ITV4 on Wednesday and Friday evenings from 7pm-8pm.

  1. Alex Murray says:

    No XML feed for Ned’s podcast? It’ll really bump the numbers if you can get one done and get the podcast into iTunes as it means it’s hassle-free to keep on getting the latest editions. Also being able to subscribe is another huge driver of audience for podcasts.

    • Craig says:

      Thanks Alex – appreciate the comments. We’ve taken this on board and are now trying to make the necessary changes. Hopefully we can make it happen soon.

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