This past week saw an interesting new challenge come about in the world of cycling. The Fat Cyclist has always been one to set them up for his readers and always manages to raise heaps of cash for a charitable cause.

However, earlier this week he wrote a letter to Johan Bruyneel, team manager for the newly created Team Radioshack. In this letter he explains that after some careful consideration that he as decided to have a career change and become a professional cyclist. As such, part of this change would include him joining Team Radioshack and therefore would like Johan Bruyneel to carefully consider his CV (resume) and cover letter so that he can join the squad that includes Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer and Andreas Kloeden, to name but a few.

So, on Friday just gone by, Johan Bruyneel wrote a blog entry on his website in response to the open letter from Fatt. In is posting he said he would be willing to entertain Fatty’s request and let him join Team Radioshack at their first team training camp.

However, Johan wanting to make the most of this request has imposed two conditions/challenges that Fatty has to meet in order to join the team at the training camp. These two conditions include:

By Friday December 11, 12:00 PM US Mountain Standard/Tucson, AZ Time Fatty must have met the following criteria:-

– Raised a minimum of $10,000 for World Bicycle Relief


– Raised a minimum of $10,000 for LIVESTRONG

If these two criteria are met by the stated deadline, Johan will fly Fatty out to Arizona and he will have the one opportunity to ride with Team RadioShack on Sunday, December 13. In addition to this, Johan has added an extra bonus for him:

– If you raise a minimum of $25,000 for World Bicycle Relief AND $25,000 for LIVESTRONG, you”ll get a brand new Trek Madone 6 Series bike powered by SRAM Red.

Now Johan’s a pretty good guy and got his friends at World Bicycle Relief and LIVESTRONG to create some easy fundraising pages for Fatty in order to help him achieve his objective. Here are the links to each:

World Bicycle Relief – or


Now the question that needs to be asked: “Will Fatty take up the Johan challenge?

I really hope so because already on these two sites that Johan has created for Fatty, people have been donating their hard earned cash and it looks like Fatty could be on his way to joining Team Radioshack next weekend. Without any acknowledgement on his website, he has managed to raise:

World Bicycle Relief -$2,513


So Fatty, let us know if you’re going to take on the challenge! Your supporters are already supporting you (as you can see from the money that’s already been raised).


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