My new Shutt Velo Rapide gillet

Posted: February 28, 2010 in cycling, Fashion, Road
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Shutt Velo Rapide gillet SweatnGears

Shutt Velo Rapide gillet

On Friday, my good friend Pete, convinced me to go out riding with him near his place. Considering I’ve known Pete for 7 years now and we’ve never been out riding, now was the perfect time.

So yesterday morning, I met him at his place near Silverstone. While getting ready to go, Pete presented me with a small gift – his company’s newly created gillet. A nice looking piece kit and it fitted well too.

Off we went on our ride. To cut a very long story short, we landed up riding in some very heavy rain for over an hour, covered 75kms, were frozen to bits, and between the two of us managed to puncture four times.

As I didn’t take my rain jacket with me (I’ll add that there was no forecast of rain on the day and the sun was out), all I had with me was my new Shutt VR gillet.

As I said before, it was a good fit and when the rain came down, it helped keep my front, back and shoulders dry. Thank god because as it was freezing cold, I think I might not have made it home if I got completely wet. So, kudos to Shutt for a great new product!!

Let’s hope Shutt get these into full production as you’d be stupid not to get one.

Here are a few pics from our ride yesterday – mainly ones of us fixing punctures. But at least we did get to have a coffee stop. Let’s hope next week’s ride won’t be as cold and wet as yesterday’s.

Pete fixing his second puncture of the day

Taking a turn at pumping up the flat

I somehow managed to break the valve off in the hand pump. Strangely, the tyre stayed inflated.

At the coffee stop. Pete getting out the patch glue

Yours truly

As we left the coffee shop, it was my turn to puncture

Can you see that concentration 🙂

Pete's third puncture for the day. At this point in time, the rain was getting progressively worse. Note, Pete already had his rain jacket on.


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