This year’s London Cycle Show also showcased the new Pinarello Graal that will be used by Team Sky in 2011. An awesome looking machine to say the least. The extended/integrated stem with its own unique handlebars; the one-piece fork and headtube; the front brake housed behind the fork; and the hideaway section on the rear chainstay for the Di2 battery pack (if you choose to ride with the Di2, of course).

However, the best looking part of the entire bike is the downtube. It has sections that look like raised ‘shark fin’ profiles. Whether it enhances the rider’s performance is yet to be established, but it does look quite cool. I’m sure when the 2011 season kicks off, we’ll soon be able to tell if does help when the Team Sky riders edge their way up the GC. Maybe we’ll even see Bradley put in a sterling performance at the Tour de France.

Team Sky Pinarello Graal

Super skinny

Looks alien-like from the front (ever seen Men in Black?)

The aero downtube

A close up shows the shark fin ripples on the downtube

The battery pack for the Di2 nicely tucked awy within the chain stay

A chunky but much needed integrated stem and unique handlebars

Front brakes sitting behind the forks

Team Sky Pinarello Graal

  1. Jimbosnap says:

    It might look good, but apparently it’s not all that special in the wind tunnel! All show and no go?

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