My CNP Professional has arrived

Posted: January 7, 2011 in cycling
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My stock of CNP Professional nutritional supplements

This morning I took delivery of a box of CNP Professional nutritional supplements to try out and write about. I plan to use the products over the course of the next month and see if it affects my riding positively.

Pro Peptide: is a fast and slow protein product with pro and prebiotics. It contains peptide bonded glutamine which means the body absorbs it more effectively. As it contains micellar casein it means that the body is drip fed quality protein for up to 8 hours.

Pro Recover: to be taken within 30 minutes of completing the exercise or race. It contains fast acting whey protein to help the muscle recovery and fast acting carbs to bring the blood sugar level up, thus helping the body adapt and stopping the craving for sweet food.

Pro Hydrate: a hypotonic drink for hydration and energy.

Also included were a few cola caffeine gel’s and berry non-caffeine gel’s, as well as energy bars and flapjacks. And to mix all the drinks together is a mixer bottle too.

Now for the review to start. More to come over the next month.


  1. […] few months back I told you about CNP Professional sending a few products through to me to test. Well, I have tested the products over and over, albeit took longer than I had expected. But it did […]

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