Save a Cyclist

Posted: January 20, 2011 in cycling, Road
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Following the very tragic news of the deaths of Carla Swart (Team HTC-Highroad) and Lewis Balyckyi (British Cycling Talent Team) within a space of 24 hours of each other, a new campaign has been started on social networking site, Facebook. The campaign, called Save a Cyclist, is trying to get followers to start a new trend on Twitter using the hash tag search term ” #saveacyclist ” at the end of their comments to highlight the importance of safety for cyclists on the roads around the world.

The idea behind it is to change people’s attitudes between car drivers and cyclists. As the campaign creator says: “Why should we all automatically hate each other?? Cyclists, show courtesy to cars. Cars, show courtesy to cyclists. Every life is valuable and not worth risking unnecessarily.”

So please join this extremely worthy cause and help create a new trend and talking topic. One that hopefully our governments will stop and listen to and take into consideration. And if we are lucky, they may just do something to change the laws to protect cyclists.


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