Is Onix the new black?

Posted: February 14, 2011 in cycling, Road
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The other day while on Facebook, I received a friend request from someone called Onix Bikes. Intrigued by the name (especially as I had a cat named Onyx when I was a young child) and by the fact that I was received a friend request from a bike company, I thought I would check out who they are.

So surfing round on the company’s website and Facebook page, I found they had this to say about themselves:

Onix Bike components offer you high performance carbon cycling equipment with design features for the modern day cyclist. Whether its a full carbon frameset or just a carbon bottle cage Onix Bikes has everything you need in one place.  Our products are manufactured to the highest quality to help you perform to your maximum potential!

Reading further, it turns out the company is run by a group of people but rather one guy – Craig Middleton. So over the past few weeks we’ve been exchanging a few emails where Craig has been telling me more about the company, as well as sending me some images to include in the post.

So Onix Bikes is a company that produces its own racing frames, handlebars, waterbottle cages and seat posts. All made from carbon. Added to this, the company only sells these goods through its online site. This means Craig has no hassle of running a retail outlet with all the associated overheads. Most impoirtantly for all us cycling consumers, as the products are only available through this online store there is no middleman to deal with. This means the prices are better (well, hopefully) than similar products on offer at most retail cycle stores.

Getting back to the race frames, there are two on offer – the Azzuro and the Aurious.

Onix Azzuro

The top of the line in the Onix Bike offering, the Azzuro is aimed at being a stiff performance frameset. It comes standard with Campag groupset and wheels with a starting price of £1499.99.

Onix Azzuro

According to the Onix Bikes website:

Onix Azzuro offers you a high performance full carbon frameset which has low weight values along with high stiffness,sleek looks and performance. Extra layers of Onix HP Carbon have been added to the high stress areas to improve overall stiffness. Modern shaped tubing for maximum performance, Onix Unsymmetrical Chainstay technology along with a thicker downtube and an oversize bottom bracket all for increased stiffness, drive and responsiveness while sprinting or climbing. We have managed to combine all these elements while still maintaining low weight values which helps the Azzuro perform to the highest standard. It also comes with the aero Onix Bladed fork which all makes for a high performance machine! The T1000 Onix HP Carbon Fibre material used to craft the Azzuros frame is more than just a high-grade 12K carbon fibre. It’s a blend engineered to give you the incredible ride quality that makes this bike so unique. Yes, it’s light and stiff. But it’s the way it performs and looks that really makes the Azzuro stand out!!

Let’s hope it does what it says on the tin!

Onix Azzuro

Thicker downtube gives incredible stiffness and acceleration as well as reducing any lateral movement to a minimum

Onix Unsymmetrical Chainstay Technology

Rear view

Onix Aurious

The Onix Aurious offers the best of both worlds combining comfort but still maintaining high performance! These values help market the Aurious as the bike for long days in the saddle such taking on Sportives and Gran Fondo’s.

The standard Onix Aurious spec offers Campagnolo, Deda and Vittoria, with a starting price of £1249.99.

Aurious from Onix Bikes

Onix Bikes Aurious

Onix Bikes Aurious

Onix Bikes Aurious

I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I may get a chance to ride one of these bikes and hopefully give you my thoughts on its performance. watch this space.

  1. Pinball says:

    Cool looking bikes. Cheap too.

  2. […] couple of months ago I wrote about the new guy on the block, Craig Middleton and his own named brand Onix. Well, he’s back […]

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