Eyes Wide Open - DVD front cover

A few weeks back I was sent a DVD to review from filmmaker Markus Neuert aka Cyclefilm. This was a project he worked on in 2010 and it continues to receive a lot of press attention. Eyes Wide Open – the making of Cyclepassion 2011 – is the behind scenes footage from the calendar series that everyone in the world of cycling is talking about.

Reading the synopsis on the back of the DVD:

Once a year, a select group of elite women cyclists leave behind their world of mud, sweat, blood and pain to slip into something a little more comfortable. See what happens when eight professional cyclists trade in their lycra for latex, lace and leather in the sixth annual production of the ever popular Cyclepassion Calendar. Take an intimate look behind the scenes of each photo shoot and find out what life off the bike is like for each rider. Eyes Wide Open also tells the story of the calendar origins with its founder Anke Wilken, and renowned photographer Daniel Geiger.

The girls featured in the DVD are:

It’s a slick production from Markus! Interesting angles and views, as well as great close-up camera work, showing off the pure beauty of the girls while they pose for the photographer.

The added bonus is that you get an insight into the lives of these professional racers. Who they are and why they got involved in making the calendar. There’s no doubt about it. These are some seriously stunning women. And they race bikes!

Here are two sneak previews from the DVD:

The supporting footage within the DVD shows the girls doing what they do best – racing – and at times, leaves you wanting to see some more of it. All cyclists love racing and this DVD gives us an opportunity to meet some incredibly talented and beautiful women that are involved at the highest level in the sport.

Now as for the DVD, the main elements of it are:

  • Run time: 75 minutes
  • Full colour
  • Zonefree

Not forgetting it has a wicked sound track and the DVD comes in some super cool packaging designed by the folks at Jakebox.

Cool packaging

Now, there are those that have a problem with what the girls are doing here. To be honest, personally, I don’t. These women are the top of their game and if this helps raise interest in them, then all the better for the sport.

Call it the Marmite affect – either “you love it or you hate it!” One thing is for sure, the Cyclepassion calendar has helped raise the interest in women’s cycling.

To get your hands on a copy of the DVD for the uber cool (now reduced) price of £9.99, then point your browser here at the Cyclefilm shop. And see what all the fuss is about!

Eyes Wide Open - DVD back cover

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