Johnson Health Tech Series winner Helen Wyman (photo credit: Tour Series/VeloUK)

Helen Wyman crowned in Woking

Victory for Lucy Garner isn’t enough to overall Wyman at top of inaugural Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series standings

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Garner sprinted to victory in Woking in the final round of the Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series, but the win wasn’t enough to overhaul Series leader Helen Wyman, who took the title and the final leader’s white jersey by just three points.

Wyman came fourth on the night, behind the podium of Garner, Hannah Rich and Hannah Barnes, with the latter taking a narrow victory in the Series Sprints competition on count back.

With team, individual and sprint standings still at stake, the final round of the Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series was a controlled affair, with no riders managing to escape the main field for any prolonged period.

A consistent pace throughout meant that the favourites remained bunched together in the front group throughout, which gradually thinned out as the race progressed.

Prominent early on in proceedings was Tamina Oliver of VC Squadra Donne, making her Series debut and immediately get into the thick of the action and taking the honours at the opening intermediate sprint of the evening.

Having come third behind sprint rival Rich at the first sprint, Barnes took the win at the second sprint, ahead of Rich, to ensure she retained the Johnson Health Tech Sprints jersey post-race on count back over her Horizon Fitness rival.

VC St Raphael’s Sarah Byrne was one of the most aggressive riders throughout the race, but without the support of a team like Motorpoint or Horizon Fitness she couldn’t make any moves stick, eventually finishing seventh to take a highly creditable eighth overall in the Series.

The final round of the new-for-2011 Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series also saw the first bunch sprint of the season, after the previous three races had been won by riders individually or in small groups.

Motorpoint's Lucy Garner wins in Woking (photo credit: Tour Series/VeloUK)

Exiting the final ‘dead’ turn, Garner got the jump on her rivals, moving off the wheel of Rich with around 200 metres to go.  Despite the headwind, and her limited gears as a junior, Garner pulled clear on the run up to the line for an emphatic victory.

Behind Rich beat Garner’s Motorpoint teammate Barnes to the line for the final podium spots, with Wyman’s fourth securing the title ahead of For Viored Brookvex’s Amy Roberts, who took her best result of the Series.

The Motorpoint duo of Garner and Barnes follow behind Wyman in the standings, with the Kona Factory Rider taking an impressive run of second, second, third and fourth from the four races to make consistency the secret to her title.

Rich and Horizon Fitness teammate Penny Rowson complete the top five of the standings, ahead of Rohan Battison and Stoke-on-Trent Round winner Dani King.

Byrne, Oldham winner Annie Simpson and Roberts round out the lower reaches of a highly competitive top ten.

Round Four, Woking, Results

Individual Results

  1. Lucy Garner                     Motorpoint Pro Cycling
  2. Hannah Rich                    Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo
  3. Hannah Barnes               Motorpoint Pro Cycling
  4. Helen Wyman                 Kona Factory Racing
  5. Amy Roberts                   For Viored Brookvex
  6. Penny Rowson                Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo
  7. Sarah Byrne                     VC St Raphael
  8. Harriet Owen                   Motorpoint Pro Cycling
  9. Ella Sadler-Andrews     Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo
  10. Joanne McRae                 Look Mum No Hands

Team Winner

  1. Motorpoint Pro Cycling

Sprints Winner

  1. Hannah Barnes Motorpoint Pro Cycling

Final Individual Standings, after Round Four

  1. Helen Wyman              Kona Factory Racing                                            83pts
  2. Lucy Garner                 Motorpoint Pro Cycling                                      80pts
  3. Hannah Barnes           Motorpoint Pro Cycling                                      72pts
  4. Hannah Rich                Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo           66pts
  5. Penny Rownson          Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo          63pts
  6. Rohan Battison            For Viored Brookvex                                         48pts
  7. Dani King                       Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo         47pts
  8. Sarah Byrne                  VC St Raphael                                                        47pts
  9. Annie Simpson            Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo         46pts
  10. Amy Roberts                For Viored Brookvex                                        42pts

Final Team Standings, after Round Fours

  1. Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo         219pts
  2. Motorpoint Pro Cycling                                    199pts
  3. For Viored Brookvex                                         147pts
  4. Condor Cycles                                                       66pts
  5. Mule Bar Girls                                                       6pts
  6. Inverse Cyclaim Women’s RT                         5pts

Final Sprint Standings, after Round Four

Hannah Barnes            Motorpoint Pro Cycling                                   24pts

Hannah Rich                 Horizon Fitness RT Prendas Ciclismo        24pts

Helen Wyman               Kona Factory Racing                                        18pts

Full final standings will be available via The race report on Round 3 can be found here. For more information from the Halfords Tour Series, visit: And for more images from the racing, visit Velo UK.


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