The official Tour de France 2011 app

Posted: July 4, 2011 in cycling
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Main screen with plenty of options to choose from

The 2011 Tour de France kicked off this weekend to a great start. Unfortunately not all of us get to work from home during the week and watch it live on TV. So, to make do we use the internet and anything else that can help bring us closer to the race. And this is something the Tour de France organisers, along with sponsor SKODA, have cottoned onto. They have launched the Official Tour de France Application powered by ŠKODA.

According to the Google Android App Store:

This is a must-have for cycling fans this July to stay up to date with the race as it happens. Get LIVE minute-by-minute race updates, real-time GPS Tracking of where the riders and breakaways are on the course, and after the race access highlight videos, daily race results and standings.

Live tracking on each stage

The main features of the app are:

• LIVE Minute-by-Minute Race Updates and Breakaway Tracking
• LIVE GPS Tracking showing the location of the race on the map and race profile
• Highlight videos of every stage (streaming over 3G and Wifi)
• Results and daily standings for each stage
• Photos from each stage and Tour de France Twitter feed.
• Rider profiles
• Detailed profiles of all stages and categorized climbs

And here are a few screen grabs of the app in action:

So, to get your hands onto the official app, click one of the following:

UPDATE: the new ‘Official Game for The Tour de France’ on Android and Blackberry can now be  found here.

Route profiles for each stage

  1. Yamiya Yam says:

    Greetings from Malaysia. We get to watch everyday since the time zone here is GMT +8, that’s straight after dinner. What is better than a good race after meal 😀

  2. Owen says:

    This app was out last year and got such a torrent of bad comments I’m surprised to see it back. Already there are woeful reviews on iTunes: no live tracking, videos up to 20 hours late. How do they get away with selling this rubbish? It’s a terrible app that simply does not do what it says it should.

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