Doing it The Obree Way!

Posted: December 20, 2011 in cycling, Road, Track
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Graeme Obree and the position he was famous for

Former hour record holder and world pursuit champion, Graeme Obree, has launched his long-awaited training manual for cyclists. The manual titled The Obree Way – A Training Manual For Cyclists aims to provide a practical guide to cyclists and is ideal for those new or returning to the sport.

According to Obree’s website:

Written like a novel, The Obree Way is easily readable and covers all the main subject matters necessary to allow readers to make the most from any training time and effort. Psychology, bike set up, breathing, nutrition and more, The Obree Way is a comprehensive guide, a one stop shop minus the jargon to help cyclists get more from their investment in the sport.

Coincidentally Obree is planning a new world record, aiming to break the human-powered vehicle land speed time by doing a 100mph. According to the BBC Obree has been planning this for the last 15 years. No date has been set yet as to when he will be going for the record.

To get your hands on The Obree Way for only £30, head over to Obree’s website now.

The Obree Way


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