Want to buy some GnarLube?

Posted: January 17, 2012 in cycling
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GnarLube making lube sexy

Don’t ask me how, but I stumbled across this new cycle lube brand on Facebook – GnarLube. The profile image grabbed my attention as it would any other red-blooded male in the world. Now I have to be careful about this post not to make it to seedy as there seems to be a lot of discussion of late in the use of sex to sell products. The recent news – BBC and PC Pro – from CES and the use of babe booths has definitely thrown the cat amongst the pigeons.


Either way, this seems to be working for GnarLube and they are picking up quite a following, albeit on Facebook. Their website offers two types of lube as well as clothing, for both men and women.

How to lube it

According to the company website, GnarLube make the gnarliest bicycle chain lube on earth. They also say:

Since you dropped by you must know a bit about lube, like the fact that it increases chain life and reduces chain noise. But this isn’t just any lube, it’s Gnar Lube and what makes it gnar is the patented formula we developed with top scientists from the fields of all things oily and lubilicous. Basically, it’s made from the best unicorn dust in the multiverse and other stuff made here on earth.

The company offers two types of GnarLubes: Blue Opal – wet lube; and Pink Delicacy – dry lube. Pink Delicacy is best used in a variety of conditions, wet, dry or dirty and is Teflon Enchanced. Blue Opal is best in extreme weather conditions and is Moly and PTFE infused.

Get your lube on

To promote the company and is lubes, it has created some videos. The first video shows you how to lube your chain. Be aware, there are more girls than actual lubing:


The second video goes behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the images that you now see on this blog posting:


GnarLube Gear

Gnar Lube chain lube. Made from the best Unicorn unicorn dust in the multiverse and other stuff made here on earth.

  1. Keeps ’em off the streets

  2. awesome! i enjoy reading this type of stuff everytime i can get to the pc

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