Preparing for the Road Ahead with Spoke ‘n Word

Posted: February 6, 2012 in cycling
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Cyclevox's Spoke 'N Word

I am super pleased to announce a brand new series of motivational cycling speaking events – called Spoke ‘N Word. I have been working closely with the crew at cycling media firm, Cyclevox to help turn this event from an idea into the real thing.

As part of the launch, we issued the mandatory press release, which reads as follows:

The first event from Spoke ‘N Word – Preparing for the Road Ahead – will be presented by Olympic cycling medallist Bryan Steel cyclist as well as cancer survivor, James Golding. The aim of this first event in the series is to help cyclists, new or seasoned, to get training now in the early season to prepare themselves properly for the months of cycling ahead.

According to Anthony McCrossan of Cyclevox:

“Having been involved in the UK cycling industry for so many years now, the team at Cyclevox wanted to give riders something to motivate and inspire them. So, we have launched a series of speaking events to help and educate those who are trying to get into the sport, as well as those who love the sport. We are lucky to work with so many inspiring riders, presenters and commentators so now it’s time to let people hear more widely, the information we hear every day! With Spoke ‘N Word we hope to be able to offer cyclists the chance to meet with some of the UK’s best cyclists as well as get a chance to hear straight from the horse’s mouth on how to do it properly and get the most out of their time on the bike.”

Commenting on the event series, speaker Bryan Steel said:

“To be part of Spoke ‘N Word is a great opportunity for me to help and inspire people start their journey in achieving their cycling goals in 2012.”

The first event in the series – Preparing for the Road Ahead – takes place on Wednesday 29 February at the Frontline Club in London. The event will cost £15 and is limited to the first 100 people who sign up. Future events are being scheduled and will take place around the country.

For more information on the event and to book your ticket, please visit:


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