The men’s Olympic Road Race took place on Saturday and unfortunately Team GB were not able to deliver the goods. Many will question what went wrong but I honestly feel they just read the race wrong and let too many favourites get away. By the time they realised what happened, it was too late to pull it all back to deliver Mark Cavendish to the line first.

Anyways, as it is not often that the Olympics lands on your door step, I decided to make the most of it and go see the racing on Saturday with a few friends. The plan was to get to West Byfleet where they also had a large TV screen that was showing the race live. Unfortunately we didn’t know the local areas of the race in Surrey too well and placing too much trust in the SatNav we managed to land up in Weybridge.

Once in Weybridge we made our way to the train station as the route was going right past there. The location was approximately 40km into the race route. We set up camp with a great view of the oncoming riders (as you will see in the clips below). When we arrived there were only a handful of people  standing against the barriers. However, by the time the race came past, there was not a single gap in the people against the fence and the crowds were standing about 5 deep. An awesome spectacle to see, especially in the UK. It was estimated that over 1 million spectators attended the men’s race.

And this is what we saw:

Video 1 – the breakaway group

Video 2 – the peloton


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