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I discovered this video today from Swiss band, The Legendary Lightness. Even though the music video is over 9-months old, it seems to do a great job capturing derny racing. For those not familiar with derny racing, it is where a track cyclists race against each other but they are all drafting their own motorbikes (or derny as it is referred to in the world of cycling). Very different to Keirin racing. It’s a tough form of racing especially due to the consistent high-speed the rider needs to maintain.

The song is titled “World Full Of You.”  Enjoy!


Graeme Obree and the position he was famous for

Former hour record holder and world pursuit champion, Graeme Obree, has launched his long-awaited training manual for cyclists. The manual titled The Obree Way – A Training Manual For Cyclists aims to provide a practical guide to cyclists and is ideal for those new or returning to the sport.

According to Obree’s website:


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Lene Byberg

You’ve all heard about or seen the CyclePassion calendar series. Well, production of the 2011 version is well under way and here is a sneak peak of what we can expect in next year’s version.

But here’s an added bonus from the CyclePassion crew  – they have produced a documentary DVD about the elite women cyclists of Cyclepassion 2011.

The blurb they’ve put together for this as is follows:

How boring would life be without a bit of ‘over-the-top(less)ness’ from time to time See the revealing story behind the Calendar. The Cyclepassion crew has given us exclusive access to their photo shoots to produce a documentary DVD about the elite women cyclists of Cyclepassion 2011. The first shoot was with Willow Koerber and Heather Irmiger of the Subaru Gary Fisher/Trek MTB Team after the Offenburg UCI World Cup.

So here it is:

Make sure you get the 2011 calendar on your xmas wish list. It looks like it’s going to be a good one!

Gunn Rita Dahle-Flesja

The Pursuit Manchester World Cup Sweat n Gears

The Pursuit

Early yesterday afternoon, Lance Armstrong posted twitter link to a story on Velo News that put forward a case for keeping the individual pursuit in the Olympic Games. As a side link to the story I found a link that allows people to sign a petition to keep the pursuit in the Olympics. The site states:

The purpose of this petition is to show the IOC, the UCI, and the London Organizing Committee that there is continued public support for retaining the Individual Pursuit as part of the Olympic track cycling program.

So if you’d like to see the pursuit event stay in the Olympics, then please sign the petition – click here.

Team GB Cycling Kit

Chris Hoy celebrating his Olympic Gold in his Team GB cycling kit

According to news reports British Cycling’s Performance Director, David Brailsford, has told the world (and more importantly his rivals) that all of the skinsuits worn by the British cyclists at the Beijing Olympics have been destroyed. This is to ensure that fellow rivals do not get their mitts on the technology used by the successful team.

According to Brailsford: “Our skin suits were sent out to Japan so that the person who put them together in Japan did not know where they were from and there was no link. Those suits were created by British Cycling and Adidas put the labels on. We got them back and they have been shredded because we believe that the technology will hold well for 2012.”

Unfortunately, this also means that none of the Olympic cyclists, including medal winners Hoy and Pendleton, could keep hold of their kit as ‘treasured momentoes’.

It’s an interesting move from the British Cycling team but one can’t help wonder that even though it might seem like a stupid idea, it’s this kind of attention to detail that makes the British Cycling team the best in the world!

A recent high court case in the UK where a cyclist and motorcyclist collided (Smith v Finch 2009), the judge ruled that the cyclist could have been found partly liable if wearing a helmet would have prevented or reduced his or her injuries. What this means is that cyclists who don’t wear helmets can be found guilty of contributory negligence if they are injured in a road accident in the UK. Ouch!

In an interview with BikeRadar, Richard Brooks from a UK law firm explained the ruling in that if you are injured and a cycle helmet could have reduced your injuries, you may not be able to recover full compensation.

He also added, “Cyclists who “expose themselves to a greater degree of injury” by not wearing a helmet can now be found to be negligent, even though it is not a legal requirement in the UK to wear head protection when cycling. However, for this to happen it would have to be proved – using medical and other evidence – that a helmet would have prevented all of their injuries or made them a good deal less severe.”

Interesting judgement this and one I’m sure will be opening up debates amongst cyclists. That said,I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on this, so please leave a comment below.