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The front view of the crisptitanium fully equipped with the Campagnolo 80 Anniversary Collection

The front view of the CRISP Titanium fully equipped with the Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection

The CrispTitanium and the Campag 80 Anniversary Collection

The CRISP Titanium and the Campag 80th Anniversary Collection

The Campagnolo 80 Anniversary transmission

The Campagnolo 80 Anniversary transmission system

The Matt Black of the 80 Anniversary Collection and the raw color of the titanium frame

The microsanded matt black Ergopower controls

The 80 Anniversary transmission

The 80th Anniversary carbon crankset and derailleurs

The 80 Anniversary Full Carbon Wheelset ( A bora Ultra with newly developed N.E.A.M. microsanding and opaque sanding treatments

The 80th Anniversary Full Carbon Wheelset (1310g/pair).  A Bora Ultra with newly developed N.E.A.M. microsanding and opaque sanding treatments

The 80 Anniversary rear derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary rear derailleur.

Also the brakes of the Campagnolo 80 anniversary collection ( have been treated to give them this special matt finish.

Also the brakes of the Campagnolo 80th anniversary collection have been treated to give them a matt finish

The 80 Anniversary Crankset and the front derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary carbon crankset and the front derailleur.

The 80 Anniversary front derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary front derailleur.

Earlier this week I posted a video from Campagnolo that the company created in celebration of their 80 years in business. Continuing that 80 Anniversary theme, the company has all launched an 80th Anniversary Collection groupset.  As the company say’s on it’s Facebook page: “Beautiful components for beautiful frames: Celebrate 80 years of Campagnolo history with the most elegant groupset to date.

The photo’s above show the new groupset and wheelset modeled on the new titanium frame from CRISP Titanium. The groupset look ace and so does the bike!

But that’s not all. According to Campy, the company has taken the highest evolution of the mechanical groupset and wheels and added revolutionary and cutting-edge treatments to create the unique look of the 80th Anniversary Collection.

For example, all the components come with a unique and technologically advanced finishing. Best yet, this limited and numbered 80th Anniversary Collection will come with its own dedicated suitcase!

The limited edition Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection and its very own suitcase.

The limited edition Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection and its very own suitcase.

A very nice touch for the Campag connoisseur!



CampagEven though I ride Shimano, I am a fan of Campag and have always dreamed of riding an Italian frame with a full Campagnolo groupset. One day!  But this year is the 80th Anniversary for Campagnolo and they have released a video in celebration of this. To celebrate those of us who cycle. The video is great (even though the voice over is slightly creepy).

Enjoy nonethless!

Custom Parlee with uber cool Lightweights

The London Bike Show, not to be confused with the Cycle Show, took place this weekend just gone by.  I was lucky enough to be invited to the show by the team at NeilPryde Bikes. As a NeilPryde Epic Rider I was on their stand for both days talking to all those who came by about the bikes and my experiences on them. The recent news on UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team signing NeilPryde Bikes seems to have raised interest in the brand causing a lot of people to come to the stand for a chat to find out more.

On the Sunday I got a chance to step away from the stand to go see what else was going on at the show. I managed to make it to the Lightweight, Bianchi, Wilier, Chris King, Deda, Time, Foffa and Rose stands. Well, their frames really stood out for me so stopped to take a closer look. Here are some images from those brands:

Custom coloured NeilPryde Diablo

NeilPryde Bayamo

The prototype of the NeilPryde Bayamo which will make its debut in May at the Tour of California. I like this pic especially as the black Mavic decals shine up when a flash of light strikes it.

Chris King Cielo Full Custom 29'er

Now something I didn’t know was that Chris King was into making bikes. Apparently, as I was told by the sales guy at the show, it’s what he started doing first before moving into the less expensive market of componentry. Now he’s gone back into building bikes with his Cielo Range. Above is his full custom 29’er which you can have for a staggering price of £5050.


The other day while on Facebook, I received a friend request from someone called Onix Bikes. Intrigued by the name (especially as I had a cat named Onyx when I was a young child) and by the fact that I was received a friend request from a bike company, I thought I would check out who they are.

So surfing round on the company’s website and Facebook page, I found they had this to say about themselves:

Onix Bike components offer you high performance carbon cycling equipment with design features for the modern day cyclist. Whether its a full carbon frameset or just a carbon bottle cage Onix Bikes has everything you need in one place.  Our products are manufactured to the highest quality to help you perform to your maximum potential!

Reading further, it turns out the company is run by a group of people but rather one guy – Craig Middleton. So over the past few weeks we’ve been exchanging a few emails where Craig has been telling me more about the company, as well as sending me some images to include in the post.

So Onix Bikes is a company that produces its own racing frames, handlebars, waterbottle cages and seat posts. All made from carbon. Added to this, the company only sells these goods through its online site. This means Craig has no hassle of running a retail outlet with all the associated overheads. Most impoirtantly for all us cycling consumers, as the products are only available through this online store there is no middleman to deal with. This means the prices are better (well, hopefully) than similar products on offer at most retail cycle stores.

Getting back to the race frames, there are two on offer – the Azzuro and the Aurious.

Onix Azzuro

The top of the line in the Onix Bike offering, the Azzuro is aimed at being a stiff performance frameset. It comes standard with Campag groupset and wheels with a starting price of £1499.99.

Onix Azzuro

According to the Onix Bikes website:

Onix Azzuro offers you a high performance full carbon frameset which has low weight values along with high stiffness,sleek looks and performance. Extra layers of Onix HP Carbon have been added to the high stress areas to improve overall stiffness. Modern shaped tubing for maximum performance, Onix Unsymmetrical Chainstay technology along with a thicker downtube and an oversize bottom bracket all for increased stiffness, drive and responsiveness while sprinting or climbing. We have managed to combine all these elements while still maintaining low weight values which helps the Azzuro perform to the highest standard. It also comes with the aero Onix Bladed fork which all makes for a high performance machine! The T1000 Onix HP Carbon Fibre material used to craft the Azzuros frame is more than just a high-grade 12K carbon fibre. It’s a blend engineered to give you the incredible ride quality that makes this bike so unique. Yes, it’s light and stiff. But it’s the way it performs and looks that really makes the Azzuro stand out!!

Let’s hope it does what it says on the tin!

Onix Azzuro

Thicker downtube gives incredible stiffness and acceleration as well as reducing any lateral movement to a minimum

Onix Unsymmetrical Chainstay Technology

Rear view

Onix Aurious

The Onix Aurious offers the best of both worlds combining comfort but still maintaining high performance! These values help market the Aurious as the bike for long days in the saddle such taking on Sportives and Gran Fondo’s.

The standard Onix Aurious spec offers Campagnolo, Deda and Vittoria, with a starting price of £1249.99.

Aurious from Onix Bikes

Onix Bikes Aurious

Onix Bikes Aurious

Onix Bikes Aurious

I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I may get a chance to ride one of these bikes and hopefully give you my thoughts on its performance. watch this space.

The Cycle Show wouldn’t be the Cycle Show without Wilier in attendance. Here is the Wilier Cento 1 SL (frameset £4299 SRP) and Cento 1 SLR (frameset £8999 SRP). Beautiful racing machines! Nothing more needs to be said:

Wilier Cento 1 SL – Petacchi replica

Front view of the Cento 1 SL

Rear view

Integrated seatpost

Cento 1 SLR

I love the carbon weave on the Wilier. Looks similar to their logo

Some more from the 2010 London Cycle Show. This time it’s from Eddy Merckx and his top of the range, EMX-5. These two machines on show came direct from the Tour de France, from the Quick Step team.

One show was the combo yellow/green EMX-5 from stage winner, as well as Yellow Jersey and Green Jersey winner, Sylvain Chavanell. Add to this was the polka dot coloured EMX-5 won by King of the Mountains jersey winner from the same stage, Jerome Pineau.

Here are their frames for you to admire:

Quick Step's Sylvain Chavanell's yellow/green Eddy Merckx

Jerome Pineau

Just had to get a picture of the new Eddy Merckx logo

Basso Diamante

Basso Diamante

As promised in my last posting about the Wilier’s on display at the Cycle Show, here is the next installment about the awesome Italian racing machine, Basso. There are quite a few versions, which have recently become available to the UK market, thanks to the team at Moore Large.

Basso Diamante

Above is the Diamante which is Basso’s only unique hand-made frameset built in limited quantity. So pretty much means an expensive buy either way you look at it. But if you want that something special made just for you, then this is the way to go.

Basso Astra

Now this is one beautiful racing machine. I used to own a steel version (Columbus EL OS for all you old school folk) of this now carbon monocoque only frame, and used to love riding on it everyday. Seeing this frame at Cycle Show brought back so many memories for me, the training, the racing and the winning. The day will come when I will purchase one, even if it is just for the sake of nostalgia.

According to the company website, the following is said about the Astra – the company’s flagship frame:

A new star is born in the Basso R&D department. It is dedicated to the most demanding riders. It has a full monocoque T700 3K carbon fibre frame and its front and rear triangle tubes have visible longitudinal lines that remind us of a four-leafed clover shape. The new Astra has a maximum flexion of 0,21 mm on the BB shell and a maximum torsion of 2,3 mm on the head tube; on both tests we apply a weight of 50 kgs at 40 cm distance from the fulcrum. It can be driven in long distance races in a very smooth and comfortable way, but it is very reactive and precise in fast accelerations or very winding roads. 7 colour combinations will let you choose your personalized look.

I have to confess though, when I purchase one of these, it will have to be kitted with Campagnolo. An Italian frame deserves to be ridden with complimentary Italian equipment.

Basso Astra

Basso Astra

Basso Astra

Basso Astra (with Campag)

Basso Astra

Basso Astra

Basso Astra

Basso Astra

Basso  Laguna

Now the remainder of the range in the form of the Laguna, the Reef and the Devil.

Basso Laguna

Basso Laguna

Basso Reef

Basso Reef

Basso Reef

Basso Devil

Basso Devil

Basso Devil

Basso Konos

Last but not least from Basso is the Konos, the company’s time-trial frame. I’ll be honest when I say that I’ve seen beter looking time trial frame’s but at least this is something to build and improve upon.

Basso Konos

Basso Konos

I know this is going to sound like I’m working for Basso (or Moore Large), but if you have time this weekend, get yourself down to your local bike store and make some enquiries about these bikes. Xmas is just around the corner and this would make a great present, either for yourself or your partner.

And to my darling wife, if you are trying to find the perfect gift for me this xmas, then may I suggest the Blue Astra (pictured above). It would be the perfect gift :-).

Then again, if I can’t get it as a gift, I wonder if the guys at Moore Large will let me review an Astra for a few weeks (or months)?

[UPDATE] I am now selling my Basso Astra – if you want to get details and see more pictures of it, then check this post out.