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If you missed yesterday’s world champs road race for men, then you missed a cracking race! The racing was brilliant but Mother Nature decided to intervene to see who was really deserving of the rainbow jersey!

For those of us that did get to watch the race on TV, we all got to see it from the perspective of the moto-cams that ride in front or next to the riders. It showed us the racing as we have become accustomed to seeing it. But thanks to the team at Shimano, they have released a video that gives us a different view of the racing – from the perspective of the team cars following the racing.

Here you get to see how Mother Nature determined who was strong enough to make it to the finish.

My hat off to all the riders that took part – it was a tough race!


Well, it has been a while since my last post. Things have been rather hectic in Sweat ‘n Gears land, but I am now making the time to try and post something on a regular basis.

So this morning while on Facebook, I saw an awesome video from the guys at Vittoria. And hats off to them for showing the hardships the pro riders need to go through, especially in what we are referring to as Spring.



The Official Tour de France Game for Android and Blackberry

The Official Game of the Tour de France: The global standard for cycling games, is now available to all Android and Blackberry users!

According to the description on the Android Market:

Become the team manager for your favorite team and then become a legend as you lead your team to victory!

Manage the peloton and deal with breakaways, climbs, accidents, loss of form, and more. TAKE CONTROL and take part in the most realistic virtual Tour de France ever seen! Choose the correct racing strategy and the best tactical plans. Expose the weaknesses of your competitors, and attack with your team in full force!

Tour de France 2011 – The Official Game: The best way to experience the race!

Game features include:


Main screen with plenty of options to choose from

The 2011 Tour de France kicked off this weekend to a great start. Unfortunately not all of us get to work from home during the week and watch it live on TV. So, to make do we use the internet and anything else that can help bring us closer to the race. And this is something the Tour de France organisers, along with sponsor SKODA, have cottoned onto. They have launched the Official Tour de France Application powered by ŠKODA.

According to the Google Android App Store:


crushed helmet

A 11-year old school girl on her way home from a cycling proficiency test lost her balance and fell into the path of a car.   The vehicle ran over her arm, shoulder and head but, amazingly, she escaped with just cuts and bruises.

As you can see from the image above, the helmet took the brunt of the force.

I can see no better reason for people, young or old, to wear a helmet. I mean, if that’s what the car did to the helmet, then imagine what it would have done to her head if she didn’t wear one. A horrific image, to say the least!!

I think it’s time this government of ours did something good and pass a law that everyone riding a bicycle needs to wear a helmet. Just the same as if you are riding a motorbike, those riding bicycles should wear a helmet too.

So peeps, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this. Drop a comment or send me an email.