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I discovered this video today from Swiss band, The Legendary Lightness. Even though the music video is over 9-months old, it seems to do a great job capturing derny racing. For those not familiar with derny racing, it is where a track cyclists race against each other but they are all drafting their own motorbikes (or derny as it is referred to in the world of cycling). Very different to Keirin racing. It’s a tough form of racing especially due to the consistent high-speed the rider needs to maintain.

The song is titled “World Full Of You.”  Enjoy!


Yesterday’s post showed the emotions a manager can go through when a rider wins a stage. Today’s post, another from the AN Post Chain Reaction cycling team, shows the impressive bike handling skills from Sam Bennett during Stage 6 of The Tour of Britain.

You can see Sam making his way back into the bunch through the convoy of cars, using the cars and their slipstreams to help him get there. He does encounter a close call with the medic vehicle, but makes it through unscathed.

I do need to point out now that this is not something that us every day riders should be trying! So be careful out there on the roads!

So, it’s been a while since I last put up a post here on Sweat ‘n Gears. The past few months I have been with work – a new international role that I have. As such, finding time to work on the blog has been a little hard. But making the most of a day off from work, I thought I would write up a few posts.

Last week saw the 10th edition of The Tour of Britain take place. The race had many big names take part including the likes of Mark Cavendish, Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, and Garmin’s Dan Martin, to name but a few. And on Sunday the race concluded with Bradley Wiggins taking the overall honours!

One video from the event that really caught my attention was this one from the AN Post Chain Reaction team. It stems from the day Sam Bennett took the win on Stage 5. You can see (and feel) team manager, Kurt Bogaerts, well up with emotion when he hears that Sam took the win.  Enjoy the clip!

The new customisable Lake CX401

My friend Martin, from Todays Cyclist, popped around the other day for a cup of coffee and a chat. He’s a great guy and it’s always good to see him. While here he showed me the new 2012 range of Lake Cycling shoes that he had in his bag of goods.

Lake CX401

The first pair he had to show me was the new customisable CX401. These are the top range of shoes available from Lake. As you can see from the picture above and below, these shoes just look awesome. But it doesn’t stop there. Its features include:


This past week my dear brother sent me a link to site that contains ‘225 photos of sexy girls riding bicycles‘.  Although there a lot of images from new photography site TheFIXFIXFIX, there are also a host of old and new images of girls on bikes. Including celebrities such as Katy Perry, Heather Graham, Kate Moss, Cheryl Cole, Zooey Deschenal, Monica Bellucci, Kelly Brook and Heather Graham to name but a few. Even cycling’s very own Liz Hatch makes an appearance.

There aren’t too many images of girls on road bikes, but those that like cycle chic and fixed wheels will be pleasantly surprised by what you will see here. Here’s a sample of what you may see on the site:


Satisfaction after taking on the Three Counties

Read my latest Epic Ride for the team at NeilPryde Bikes. Here is a little taster of what I’ve written:

Realising we have a mammoth challenge ahead we decided it was time to get some training in and get the legs and body ready for what was to come. The first ride we were going to take on was the Three Counties Cycle Ride.

To read more about it and Duckingham Palace, make sure to click here.



Hope you enjoyed my first ride report for the inaugural Amsterdam 300 put on by the awesome UK-based charity for disabled people, Scope. To complete the reports, here is my second epic ride report which can be seen on the NeilPryde Bikes website.

But before I sign off on this post, I need to say a HUGE THANKS to the following companies who supported me during my training and the actual ride. They are: NeilPryde Bikes (bicycle), Sport and Speed (clothing), Todays Cyclist (lights) and CNP Professional (food and drinks).

And if you like videos, here is my video diary for the final day of the ride: