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If you missed yesterday’s world champs road race for men, then you missed a cracking race! The racing was brilliant but Mother Nature decided to intervene to see who was really deserving of the rainbow jersey!

For those of us that did get to watch the race on TV, we all got to see it from the perspective of the moto-cams that ride in front or next to the riders. It showed us the racing as we have become accustomed to seeing it. But thanks to the team at Shimano, they have released a video that gives us a different view of the racing – from the perspective of the team cars following the racing.

Here you get to see how Mother Nature determined who was strong enough to make it to the finish.

My hat off to all the riders that took part – it was a tough race!


A good friend of mine yesterday passed on a link to an article that appeared online on The Guardian’s website on Monday. In this article by Stuart Jeffries, weighs up the evidence of whether cyclists should wear helmets or not.

“Most safety experts say they offer valuable protection; but a few believe they make accidents more likely. In Paris, where cycling is suddenly hugely popular, riders seem more interested in preserving their hairdos than in questions of life and death.”

If you have some time available today, I would suggest going to The Guardian’s website and reading through the article.  Now the publishing house is also making full use of it’s blogging sites and also offers readers the opportunity to provide their comments on thoughts on his article. Unfortunately you have to register with them in order to do this. So, if you’re up to it, let me know your thoughts and comments on what he has to say.