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CampagEven though I ride Shimano, I am a fan of Campag and have always dreamed of riding an Italian frame with a full Campagnolo groupset. One day!  But this year is the 80th Anniversary for Campagnolo and they have released a video in celebration of this. To celebrate those of us who cycle. The video is great (even though the voice over is slightly creepy).

Enjoy nonethless!


Team Lotto Honda

I seem to be getting a lot of hits on my first posting on the new women’s Honda Lotto cycling team. Liz Hatch and Veronica Andreasson seem to have created a profile for themselves in the world of women’s professional cycling.

As such, I did a Google search and found that P Magazine out of Belgium also did a photoshoot on the daythat video was done. The girls who take part are Liz Hatch, Veronica Andreasson, Rochelle Gilmore, and Kim Schoonbaert.

Unfortunately, the one thing the team has not done is created a website on who they are and what they do. Somehow think they are missing a trick with that, especially with a rider list such as this.

Here are the pictures from that day (and thanks to P-Magazine for them):

Rochelle Gilmore

Liz Hatch

Liz Hatch and Veronica Andreasson

Kim Schoonbaert

Rochelle Gilmore

Liz and Veronica

Veronica Andreasson

Castelli have just launched their new winter collection for 2010:

To find your nearest dealer in the UK, speak to the team at Saddleback UK (the same teamn running Neutral Service for The Tour of Britain).