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The front view of the crisptitanium fully equipped with the Campagnolo 80 Anniversary Collection

The front view of the CRISP Titanium fully equipped with the Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection

The CrispTitanium and the Campag 80 Anniversary Collection

The CRISP Titanium and the Campag 80th Anniversary Collection

The Campagnolo 80 Anniversary transmission

The Campagnolo 80 Anniversary transmission system

The Matt Black of the 80 Anniversary Collection and the raw color of the titanium frame

The microsanded matt black Ergopower controls

The 80 Anniversary transmission

The 80th Anniversary carbon crankset and derailleurs

The 80 Anniversary Full Carbon Wheelset ( A bora Ultra with newly developed N.E.A.M. microsanding and opaque sanding treatments

The 80th Anniversary Full Carbon Wheelset (1310g/pair).  A Bora Ultra with newly developed N.E.A.M. microsanding and opaque sanding treatments

The 80 Anniversary rear derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary rear derailleur.

Also the brakes of the Campagnolo 80 anniversary collection ( have been treated to give them this special matt finish.

Also the brakes of the Campagnolo 80th anniversary collection have been treated to give them a matt finish

The 80 Anniversary Crankset and the front derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary carbon crankset and the front derailleur.

The 80 Anniversary front derailleur.

The 80th Anniversary front derailleur.

Earlier this week I posted a video from Campagnolo that the company created in celebration of their 80 years in business. Continuing that 80 Anniversary theme, the company has all launched an 80th Anniversary Collection groupset.  As the company say’s on it’s Facebook page: “Beautiful components for beautiful frames: Celebrate 80 years of Campagnolo history with the most elegant groupset to date.

The photo’s above show the new groupset and wheelset modeled on the new titanium frame from CRISP Titanium. The groupset look ace and so does the bike!

But that’s not all. According to Campy, the company has taken the highest evolution of the mechanical groupset and wheels and added revolutionary and cutting-edge treatments to create the unique look of the 80th Anniversary Collection.

For example, all the components come with a unique and technologically advanced finishing. Best yet, this limited and numbered 80th Anniversary Collection will come with its own dedicated suitcase!

The limited edition Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection and its very own suitcase.

The limited edition Campagnolo 80th Anniversary Collection and its very own suitcase.

A very nice touch for the Campag connoisseur!



So, it’s been a while since I last put up a post here on Sweat ‘n Gears. The past few months I have been with work – a new international role that I have. As such, finding time to work on the blog has been a little hard. But making the most of a day off from work, I thought I would write up a few posts.

Last week saw the 10th edition of The Tour of Britain take place. The race had many big names take part including the likes of Mark Cavendish, Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, and Garmin’s Dan Martin, to name but a few. And on Sunday the race concluded with Bradley Wiggins taking the overall honours!

One video from the event that really caught my attention was this one from the AN Post Chain Reaction team. It stems from the day Sam Bennett took the win on Stage 5. You can see (and feel) team manager, Kurt Bogaerts, well up with emotion when he hears that Sam took the win.  Enjoy the clip!

The Official Tour de France Game for Android and Blackberry

The Official Game of the Tour de France: The global standard for cycling games, is now available to all Android and Blackberry users!

According to the description on the Android Market:

Become the team manager for your favorite team and then become a legend as you lead your team to victory!

Manage the peloton and deal with breakaways, climbs, accidents, loss of form, and more. TAKE CONTROL and take part in the most realistic virtual Tour de France ever seen! Choose the correct racing strategy and the best tactical plans. Expose the weaknesses of your competitors, and attack with your team in full force!

Tour de France 2011 – The Official Game: The best way to experience the race!

Game features include:


Main screen with plenty of options to choose from

The 2011 Tour de France kicked off this weekend to a great start. Unfortunately not all of us get to work from home during the week and watch it live on TV. So, to make do we use the internet and anything else that can help bring us closer to the race. And this is something the Tour de France organisers, along with sponsor SKODA, have cottoned onto. They have launched the Official Tour de France Application powered by ŠKODA.

According to the Google Android App Store:


Johnson Health Tech Series winner Helen Wyman (photo credit: Tour Series/VeloUK)

Helen Wyman crowned in Woking

Victory for Lucy Garner isn’t enough to overall Wyman at top of inaugural Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series standings

Sixteen-year-old Lucy Garner sprinted to victory in Woking in the final round of the Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series, but the win wasn’t enough to overhaul Series leader Helen Wyman, who took the title and the final leader’s white jersey by just three points.

Wyman came fourth on the night, behind the podium of Garner, Hannah Rich and Hannah Barnes, with the latter taking a narrow victory in the Series Sprints competition on count back.

With team, individual and sprint standings still at stake, the final round of the Johnson Health Tech Women’s Grand Prix Series was a controlled affair, with no riders managing to escape the main field for any prolonged period.

A consistent pace throughout meant that the favourites remained bunched together in the front group throughout, which gradually thinned out as the race progressed.

Prominent early on in proceedings was Tamina Oliver of VC Squadra Donne, making her Series debut and immediately get into the thick of the action and taking the honours at the opening intermediate sprint of the evening.


Diablo from NeilPryde Bikes

Diablo from NeilPryde Bikes

A few posts ago you saw me in a video as part of an entry process to become a NeilPryde Epic Rider. A few days later I was lucky to be informed that I was selected to become a NeilPryde Epic Rider. I even have my own page on the company’s website.  For this, the company let’s me try out their bikes – the Diablo and the Alize – and provide my feedback on it, while at the same time telling you about it.

So the company goes out to to find a select few people who are passionate about cycling, give them each a bike, and let them spread the news about the company and its products. For a company breaking their way into the cycling market, I still feel this is a clever marketing tactic. No matter which way you look at it. Clever!

So, who or what is NeilPryde? Well, let me introduce NeilPryde to you – the condensed version:

  • The company was created in 1970, and by 1973 becomes the world’s largest sail provider;
  • By ’82 NeilPryde branded windsurf sails enter the market;
  • In ’83 a guy by the name of Fred Haywood, using NeilPryde sails, breaks the 30 knot speed barrier (55.5km/hr);
  • Then in ’89, the company launches the industry’s (wind surfing, of course) first fully integrated carbon Matrix Rig System;
  • Official supplier of sails at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona;
  • 2007-2009 company carefully studies their consumer base to consider brand extension opportunity;
  • Extensive market research shows 60% of NeilPryde customers are also cyclists;
  • In 2009 bike division established – NeilPryde Bikes – headed up by Michael Pryde
  • Strategy for entering the cycling market starts to develop and division begins working with BMW Group Designworks USA

So, wanting to break out into a new area, the company decided to speak to its customer base. After carefully listening to what their windsurfing customers had to say, they found that cycling was a very popular sport amongst their fans. And so NeilPryde Bikes was born.

I’ve included a video the company created that talks about how the two bikes the company currently produces – the Diablo and the Alize – came about through the partnership they have with BMW Group Designworks USA.

Since becoming an Epic Rider, I received the Diablo in matt carbon complete with Shimano Ultegra and Mavic Kyserium wheels. I’ll include some pictures of the bike in a different post but for now I’ll let you see how the bike was introduced to the world:

A pretty awesome way to launch a bike aptly named the Diablo. Not sure I would ever do that myself, but I think it does the trick. Last week the company went on to release a behind the scenes video of the ‘Pyromaniac on Wheels’. This is it:

The question is, how good are these bikes? Well, only time will really tell. Not to mention a lot of road testing from myself and the other Epic Riders. However, this morning the company announced it received an iF Product Design Award 2011 in the Leisure + Lifestyle section for both the Alize and the Diablo. For over 50 years the iF Design Award has served as a recognised trademark for outstanding design all over the world. So the company is onto something good here.

And if Procycling UK is anything to go by, then the Diablo looks set to make a remarkable impact upon the market.  I, for one, am looking forward to it!

This year’s London Cycle Show also showcased the new Pinarello Graal that will be used by Team Sky in 2011. An awesome looking machine to say the least. The extended/integrated stem with its own unique handlebars; the one-piece fork and headtube; the front brake housed behind the fork; and the hideaway section on the rear chainstay for the Di2 battery pack (if you choose to ride with the Di2, of course).

However, the best looking part of the entire bike is the downtube. It has sections that look like raised ‘shark fin’ profiles. Whether it enhances the rider’s performance is yet to be established, but it does look quite cool. I’m sure when the 2011 season kicks off, we’ll soon be able to tell if does help when the Team Sky riders edge their way up the GC. Maybe we’ll even see Bradley put in a sterling performance at the Tour de France.

Team Sky Pinarello Graal

Super skinny

Looks alien-like from the front (ever seen Men in Black?)

The aero downtube

A close up shows the shark fin ripples on the downtube

The battery pack for the Di2 nicely tucked awy within the chain stay

A chunky but much needed integrated stem and unique handlebars

Front brakes sitting behind the forks

Team Sky Pinarello Graal