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So, it’s been a while since I last put up a post here on Sweat ‘n Gears. The past few months I have been with work – a new international role that I have. As such, finding time to work on the blog has been a little hard. But making the most of a day off from work, I thought I would write up a few posts.

Last week saw the 10th edition of The Tour of Britain take place. The race had many big names take part including the likes of Mark Cavendish, Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins, and Garmin’s Dan Martin, to name but a few. And on Sunday the race concluded with Bradley Wiggins taking the overall honours!

One video from the event that really caught my attention was this one from the AN Post Chain Reaction team. It stems from the day Sam Bennett took the win on Stage 5. You can see (and feel) team manager, Kurt Bogaerts, well up with emotion when he hears that Sam took the win.  Enjoy the clip!


Brad leading the peloton at Legoland

The team at Lego have decided to honour Bradley Wiggins‘ win at this year’s Tour de France by creating a special cycling display. The company let Brad know what they were doing through Twitter. The display, which appears at Miniland in Windsor, sees Bradley in Legoman format leading the peloton in his maillot jaune. A handy reason to take the kids back to Legoland.

The Official Tour de France Game for Android and Blackberry

The Official Game of the Tour de France: The global standard for cycling games, is now available to all Android and Blackberry users!

According to the description on the Android Market:

Become the team manager for your favorite team and then become a legend as you lead your team to victory!

Manage the peloton and deal with breakaways, climbs, accidents, loss of form, and more. TAKE CONTROL and take part in the most realistic virtual Tour de France ever seen! Choose the correct racing strategy and the best tactical plans. Expose the weaknesses of your competitors, and attack with your team in full force!

Tour de France 2011 – The Official Game: The best way to experience the race!

Game features include:


Main screen with plenty of options to choose from

The 2011 Tour de France kicked off this weekend to a great start. Unfortunately not all of us get to work from home during the week and watch it live on TV. So, to make do we use the internet and anything else that can help bring us closer to the race. And this is something the Tour de France organisers, along with sponsor SKODA, have cottoned onto. They have launched the Official Tour de France Application powered by ŠKODA.

According to the Google Android App Store:


Team Garmin-Cervélo lightens up with a new Tour de France kit

Slipstream Sports, today unveiled its limited edition team kit for the 2011 Tour de France, created by its innovative Italian clothing partner, Castelli.

The new jersey and shorts retain the distinctive Garmin and Cervélo logos, but reverse white with black on the jersey. The signature Slipstream Sports argyle is prominently displayed.

“We’re really excited about the Tour de France kit,” said Jonathan Vaughters, CEO of Slipstream Sports and Director Sportif, Team Garmin-Cervélo. “The lighter color is perfect for hot weather and our signature argyle is more prominent.”

This is the third time Castelli have introduced new clothing at the Tour de France. “We consider the Tour de France a very special event that deserves a special design,” said Steve Smith, Castelli Brand Manager.

“This team is rider-centric, and Castelli has done its part to make sure the riders have the most comfortable and technically advanced clothing for this big event. Racing in hot weather is physically demanding, that’s a given, and despite the fact that Castelli makes some of the lightest and coolest fabrics in existence, wearing a lighter colour will make a big difference, both psychologically and physically, to a rider’s well being,” explained Steve Smith.

The limited edition Tour de France kit will be available in early July at Castelli dealers and from the team store.

In addition to the new color, the Castelli Speed Research Unit has been busy making sure it’s the fastest gear in the peloton. With new innovative thinking, fifteen rounds of sampling and numerous tests later, the Castelli Speed Research Unit and has invented the first skinsuit for road racing.

And, working with Robby Ketchell, Director of Sport Science for Slipstream Sports, Castelli created a nearly seamless Body Paint TT Speedsuit to cut through the wind better than almost any other suit ever created. For the mountain stages, the riders will be supplied with an unbelievably lightweight jersey that virtually absorb no moisture so the weight savings multiply in the most extreme conditions.

Rydon's from Rudy Project

Walking through AW Cycles about two months ago, I bump into this familiar looking girl. When she spoke, the South African accent gave it away and I knew immediately who it was. Gila Joffe. The last time the two of us met was on a trip to France in July 1992. We went there to race our bikes and to see the Tour de France. On our last day in France, Gila, myself and a few other of the guys spent over eight hours on the Champs-Élysées waiting for the riders to come in for the final stage of the Tour. If my mind serves me correctly, it was Olaf Ludwig that took the stage that day. That was over 18 years ago. And now the two of us meet up again, and in a different country. We spoke for a while and scheduled to meet up for coffee a few days later.

So when we meet up Gila and I had a good catch up on the old times and also told me of her new ventures here in the UK. The first being iRudyProject and the second ICE ID.

  • iRudyProject is a UK online store dealing with all Rudy Project sunglasses and helmets. Being online, Gila is able to offer some pretty cool prices that don’t break the bank at all.
  • ICE ID is also an online store that rivals that off Road ID. It is a wearable In Case of Emergency Identification product. Currently there are 5 different forms, Wrist ICE, Shoe ICE, Ankle ICE, MEDI ICE (medical alert bracelet) and a DOG TAG. The ICE ID range allows everyone no matter what their choice of outdoor activity to find a comfortable, stylish way to carry their ID at all times.

After our meeting Gila gave me a pair of Rudy Project Rydon’s with ImpactX photochromatic clear lens to wear when I go out riding. I’ve tried them out a few times and will be posting another blog piece on here of my experience with it. Make sure to look out for it.

Some more from the 2010 London Cycle Show. This time it’s from Eddy Merckx and his top of the range, EMX-5. These two machines on show came direct from the Tour de France, from the Quick Step team.

One show was the combo yellow/green EMX-5 from stage winner, as well as Yellow Jersey and Green Jersey winner, Sylvain Chavanell. Add to this was the polka dot coloured EMX-5 won by King of the Mountains jersey winner from the same stage, Jerome Pineau.

Here are their frames for you to admire:

Quick Step's Sylvain Chavanell's yellow/green Eddy Merckx

Jerome Pineau

Just had to get a picture of the new Eddy Merckx logo