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Well, it has been a while since my last post. Things have been rather hectic in Sweat ‘n Gears land, but I am now making the time to try and post something on a regular basis.

So this morning while on Facebook, I saw an awesome video from the guys at Vittoria. And hats off to them for showing the hardships the pro riders need to go through, especially in what we are referring to as Spring.




Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

So back in September I was lucky enough to spend some time out in Boulder Colorado. A beautiful place to say the least. In preparation for going out there, I was planning on tackling Mount Evans. The highest paved road in North America. See my previous post about this trip.

Thanks to the excellent team at Team Garmin Transitions, I was loaned a Team issue F1 SL Felt for my trip up the mountain. Here are some pictures of this awesome machine that I had the privilege to ride:

Mavic Cosmic Carbone's on the Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

3t stem and bars

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

The bicycle belonged to Andrei Krasilnikau

The rear forks that provide a very comfy but responsive ride

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

Team Garmin Transitions F1 SL Team issue Felt

Nice ride on the fi'zi:k saddle

That's me on the bike enjoying the quiet roads of Boulder

Now for those of you who aren’t aware, you and I have the chance to purchase the bikes directly from the Team. The bikes can be purchased from SlipStream Sports website. Click here – to see what they have available. My suggestion is to get in there quick as the team will be moving over to Cervelo. So why not become one of the very few that can own a team bike?

Christian Meier's team issue Felt

Dan Martin's Felt

David Millar

Team issue Felts at Team Garmin's service course

And some more...

Team vehicles outside

Scott Bicycles

Scott Bicycles

On Wednesday Scott Bicycles announced that it is going to discontinue the sponsorship of the Scott-American Beef cycling team for the 2009 season.

Scott became title sponsor of the Saunier-Duval team, after the Spanish company withdrew from the world of pro cycling following the expulsion of Italian star Riccardo Riccò before Stage 12 of the Tour de France for doping offences.

Whether or not Scott is withdrawing as a direct cause of Riccò’s actions, it is still a sad loss for the sport.



Then yesterday, Canadian bike maker Cervélo announced that it will own and sponsor a new European pro road team next season. Tentatively titled the Cervélo TestTeam, although the company may announce a title sponsor in the next few weeks.

According to some news reports, the company’s future with Team CSC-Saxo Bank, which it has supplied since 2002, is uncertain.

The new team will seek a UCI Pro Continental registration and will be managed by Cycling United Racing, a Swiss group that manages Cervelo-Lifeforce.

The team also is sponsored by Zipp, Speedplay, Vittoria and 3T. Cervelo co-founder Gerard Vroomen said the team will serve as a product research & development arm for the companies.